More Knives……..


  • Red jigged bone scales, dyed and jigged by myself
  • ATS-34 blades & springs, Stainless shield, liners, bolsters & springs, flush in all positions
  • Nice walk & talk, shaving sharp
  • Length closed, 3 3/4″



  • Green birch root burl from northern Mn. dug up by my good friend Sam Curry
  • Dyed and stablized by Woodlab
  • ATS-34 blades and springs, liners, bolsters and other fittings are stainless
  • The springs are flush in all positions, and the blades center when closed
  • The length is 3 5/8″ closed




  • Gent’s ebony scaled swayback
  • 3 1/16″ closed, top and bottom bolsters, the blade and spring are made from CPM 154 CM stainless steel
  • The mill relieved liners, bolsters and pins are all stainless steel
  • The blade shape is similar to a Case Seahorse.
  • SOLD



  • Amber Sambar Stag Lanny’s Clip with a CPM 154 CM blade and spring
  • Bearing bronze pivot bushing
  • Stainless mill relieved liners with integral fluted bolsters,and stainless pins
  • The spring is flush with the liners in the open, closed and half-stop positions
  • The blade is centered when the knife is closed
  • The 3″ blade is hollow ground and hand sanded to an 800 grit finish
  • The closed length is 3 3/4″
  • It has a pinned federal shield.
  • SOLD



  • “Vidar” means “Forest Warrior” in Old Norse, it’s new original design, this knife was an idea from Michael Hill
  • It’s a combination of features from a Remington Trapper, a Lanny’s Clip, and a Spearpoint Zulu
  • One of the main features is that it can be opened easily with gloved hands
  • The blade and spring are made from CTS-XHP, which is like stainless D2
  • The scales are bone, the overall thickness of the knife is less than 3/8″
  • The closed length is 3 1/2″
  • The fluted bolsters are integral with the liners and the liners are mill relieved
  • There is a bearing bronze bushing in the blade pivot.
  • SOLD



  • Premium ‘Cracked Ice’ Mammoth Ivory
  • CPM 154 CM Stainless Steel Blade & Spring
  • Fluted 416 Stainless Bolsters integral with the liners
  • Bronze Blade Pivot Bushing
  • Mill Relieved Liners
  • Silky Smooth Opening and Closing
  • SOLD



This 3.5″ Barlow has .005″ washers instead of being mill relieved.  It also has bronze bushings for the blades to pivot on.   The steel is CTS XHP stainless and the covers are sawcut  and dyed bone.  It is sold.